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Vampires. Vampyres. Nosferatu. Lamia. Dracula.

The words call to mind one of mankind's oldest legends. Nearly every culture, in every time, in every location, has had a legend describing a creature of the night that subsisted on the blood or life energy of the living. Is it because the human mind ascribes the same face to its fear, no matter what the cultural background... or is it because something really is out there?

Modern times and the Gothic subculture have brought a renewed interest in the undead. Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles brought us Lestat -- a vampire who is one of us, unlike the obvious evil of the true Gothic-era vampire: Dracula. Such popular modern-day writers as Stephen King, Tanith Lee, and even Piers Anthony have depicted vampires or vampiric creatures in their fiction. Gothic magazines are rife with blood, bats, and fangs. Interest in classic movies and the Bela Lugosi image is at an all-time high.

This surge of interest is as evident here in the electronic medium of the Internet as anyplace in the real world, if not more so. The 'Net seems to attract the archetypal Goth personality in larger numbers than mainstream culture, as evidenced by the plethora of Gothic and vampiric resources available in this world we call cyberspace. This page is an attempt to comprehensively index those resources related to vampires and creatures of the night, including factual, fictional, and filmic.

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