Verse IV: "Welcome."

"Welcome to the territory..."

"The story began with I in the territory," the Man spoke.

"I proceeded without remorse; I sensed no feelings.
I took no excuse; I understood without comprehension.

The trail led me on this endless quest.
I had fogotten: What was the prey? Who was the hunter?
But no matter!
Continue I should, for worse or for better.

I ran without legs; I touched no grounds.
I saw no winds; I flew without wings.

The destination was Nowhere, the aged Wisdom told me.
I sought darkness in light. I sought brightness at night.
My only companion was the innocent water -- until the innocence ran dry.
Continue I should, merely to be Somewhere.

So you see me here before you. Now,
Welcome to the territory, my friend...
You are now, too, in the realm of,"
"D I M E N S I O N S."

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DIMENSION: Rouge - Cardinal Academia
DIMENSION: Vert - Biological/Physical/Applied Sciences
DIMENSION: Bleu - BlueTek (a page dedicated to technologies, and a token to with which her cyberly generation.)
DIMENSION: Jaune - The Living Colour of ME! (biography, resume, arts, entertainments, etc)
DIMENSION: Gris - Ambiguity (in-between's and miscellaneous material)
DIMENSION: Blanc - The Chromo-Mix of the community associated. (links, friends, McGill Rez Page)
DIMENSION: Noir - The Black Box (welcome to censorship...)

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