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ACP is moving
You may have noticed ACP has been a little neglected lately. ACP is moving and is getting a makeover to celebrate 5 years online. More news here soon!

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Australian Conservative Politics now has its own bookstore. Purchase your favourite politcal books here at the most competitive prices on the net.

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Join in the debate at ACP Forum, where anything you want to say goes as long as you can handle opposing points of view, or alternatively contribute to an ongoing debate

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Are you thinking about setting up your own Australian Political Site? ACP Resources brings you our favourite backgrounds, images and sources for you to use in your home page

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Recently added Articles
Saving Private Speilberg
Arthur Chrenkoff looks at the savage and bloody movie of the Quixotic rescue of Private Ryan and questions the historical accuracy and left wing agenda of Steven Spielberg

A WORKING-CLASS ZERO IS SOMETHING TO BE... (Student Politics for beginners)
Marcus Salisbury takes a satirical look at left dominated campuses of the Australian University System with a beginners guide to Student Politics

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