Welcome to one of my many Pit-Stops on the web...

Hi. Since I'm so busy trying to keep my main page up-to-date I decided my best bet for this one was to just link it to them. Eventually something will pop up in this space besides links, maybe... but of course if you have been believing that for 10 years then you'll believe anything!

Below are the lost archives of

  • Brian's Computer Consulting has changed...
  • Caprice Classic DOT com
  • Capital District Computer Services
  • Clifton Park Eye Center
  • DeadMalls DOT com
  • djSOFT (Software by DJ Brian)
  • Interesting NY License Plate combinations
  • PC EXPO: Brian's New York Experience June 2000
  • Local Weather Conditions
  • Archive: Alan
  • Archive: Brian's Web Page: April 1998
  • Archive: Ethan Patrick, my nephew
  • Archive:
  • Archive: Chris Cybulski
  • Archive: Comic Book Galaxy DOT net
  • Archive: Dan's Web Site
  • Archive: MusiQuest DJ Service
  • Archive: All Advantage
  • Archive: Harron Communications Information Page
  • Archive: Brian's Howard Stern website
  • Archive: Jeremy's ramblings
  • Archive: Brian's Web Page: June 1996
  • Archive: barrier
  • Archive: Sigmah Pheye Nothing: Fraternity of Geeks
  • Archive: Brian's Web Page: October 1995
  • Archive: Pete's First Web Page: Summer 96
  • Archive: Pete's updated First Web Page: Fall 96
  • Archive: Fun with Animated Gifs: Cy-Ox!
  • Archive: Staci's Web Site
  • Archive: Steve's Web Site
  • Archive: The Boat: Brian's Old Caprice Page
  • Archive: Friends, pics, and sounds
  • Archive: 105.7fm WBTN
  • Archive: 90.1fm WMCR Marist College Radio