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~*같*~*같*~June 2006~*같*~*같*~

I'm VERY sorry about my site. 4 days after my last update on June 22, 2004 my world turned upside down.
My husband, Cliff had a seizure while driving his city bus (He pulled it over safely first though).
A few days later, we found out the melanoma spread to his brain. Cliff fought for 22 months and lost his battle on April 2, 2006

I'll update this site at a later time....

~*같*~*같*~Rest in peace Cliff 1969 - 2006~*같*~*같*~

I'm really excited about my website!! I've been good at trying to keep it mantained lately.
It had sat negleted way too long in the past and I really want to keep it up this time!
It's been fun with my new Digital camera that hubby spoiled me with last Christmas (2002), makes it easy to update!

~*같*~*같*~June 2004~*같*~*같*~
Updated Sadie's site - June 18, 2004
There has been so much going on.
I'm so sorry I haven't kept up on on my site, like I should've been
We're buyig our first house!!
It's a 4 level house, with 3 bedrooms
This is the house we really
wanted since we moved to this area in 2001!!
I think it's about time!
We just celebrated our 11th anniversary on May 8th!
The house we bought is only 3 years old!!!!
~*같*~*같*~May 2004~*같*~*같*~
I got a NEW Digital Camera!!
I decided I wanted a bit more pwerful one now.
I love this new one!! 4 MP with 10X optical zoom!
~*같*~*같*~January 2004~*같*~*같*~
Updated Sarah Beth's site - January 16, 2004
Updated Cliff's Site - January 16, 2004
redid Sadie's Site - January 15, 2004

Added some blinkies to Ethan's site and Sarah Beth's site - December 30, 2003
Updated Sadie's Site - December 30, 2003

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