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Just A Bit About Me
I really don't like to talk about myself...but I'll give you a little peek into my life. My name is Cathy..I was born Nov.18,19__..yea right!!..you really don't think I would tell you my age..do you? *L*...Suffice it to say...I'm older than dirt..*S*. I've been married to the most wonderful man for the past 18 years... you know him as luckyman...and we have two terrific children and a beautiful grandson..We've lived in Pennsylvania for the last 15 years..and have the best of both worlds....as you walk out the front door...you're in a lovely neighborhood...as you walk out the back door..you're in the country..a beautiful view of rolling hills and farms...Couldn't ask for anything more..*S*

We've had a wonderful time meeting many of our cyber friends this year...They've turned into friendships that will last a lifetime.

I have a small craft business that keeps me very busy towards the end of the year... I've started collecting angels and "longaberger baskets"...the baskets being a slow but steady process..Anyone who collects these will know what I am talking about *S*.Besides making my own crafts..I love to go to shows to look at other peoples talents.

I enjoy gardening, swimming, shopping in out of the way places.. and going dancing...the best exercise there is..*S*..I like all kinds of music. I am an avid reader...especially Stephen King...although I haven't done much since getting this computer..*LOL* Lastly...I love spending time with my family and friends..No better way to live!!..*S*

well...enough about me....

A little about my family

luckyman.. GARY...I LOVE you with all my heart and soul...There isn't another man alive that is as loving, caring, tender, or as wonderful as you are..There will never be anyone else for me!! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! *HUGS & KISSES* *S*
lucky dude..our son Garett..He has become a wonderful responsible young man that we are very proud of..He was married two years ago and has blessed us with a beautiful grandson..*S*
lady of lucky dude.. our daughter-in-law..Gail...we love her to death.. we couldn't ask for a more wonderful addition to our family..*S*
luckette....our daughter Ashley..she is 13 and in the 8th grade..She has just been inducted into the Junior National Honor Society and we couldn't be more proud of her...She is turning into a wonderful young lady..*S*
lucky baby..our grandson Zachary Thomas...The most beautiful grandchild in the world..*S* Today..12/4/96 he rolled over for the first time..*L*
lucky dog...Blizzard!!!...our little Bichon Frise...we got him after one of our bad snowstorms of '93...he's totally white.. hence the name *L*

Let me tell you about some of my friends...

NBJimmy... my BEST FRIEND on the net... you are such a wonderful person... I can't imagine not having you here to talk to.....always saving me from falling out of the tub.*L*... I luv you sweetie...thanks for everything...especially your help on my homepage *S* *HUGS & KISSES*

Emmerald...my real sister-in-law..I love her like my own!! My drinking and vacationing partner.But more importantly than that..YOU ARE THE BEST!!*HUGS* & KISSES* KIWI!!!

Kenny~~NUTS!!!!!...XOXOXOXOXOXOXO #2...Thank you so much for all the help and designing you did for my homepage..I think it looks beautiful... and it looks just like me..don't you think?? (Don't answer that..hehehehe)... Remember that first late night call?? *LOL* You've become very special to us..*S* ...Keep your tweezers handy for me!! Come back and make me some potato salad..*L* *HUS*

Betsy...*HUS*... My confidante ...you are such a classy lady..You have become a wonderful friend and someone who I have the highest respect for.... Half of Thelma & Louise...Keep the spurs sharp..And PLEASE!! NO MORE CORNBREAD!! *LOL*...*HUS*...

KCJonz...*HUGE HUGS & KISSES*.. well.. what can I say about someone who is just like my real son??..I love you.. you have become so very special to me.. I can't imagine you not being in my RT life...*S*.... you know how I feel..and you know how hard it is for me to express myself..*S*..so that will just have to do for now..*LOL*.. SO THERE! *L*..HUGE HUGS & KISSES*..

"eyes"...Queen of the tub...We have become such good friends...One of my drinking partners...*HUGS& KISSES* (the non-lesbian kind)..thanks for teaching me so many things..*S* Tell you know who "I LOVE HIM"...*LOL*

Caine...our cyber-son...Remember when you adopted me..*S*....you are the cutest and sweetest thing..Stay longer next time!! *HUGS & KISSES*

Pamp..our cyber daugher that we share with Tuesday and Bender..*L*.. Sweetie.. you keep SMILING.. you EAR!! *LMAO*...*HUGS*

Ariel...Our sweetie!! We MISS YOU like crazy...the donuts will always be here for you..Come back soon!! *HUGS & KISSES*

Kellee...our cyber-daughter..we wish you all the best luck in everything you do..keep up the good work sweetie..*HUGS*

Tricia...our cyber-daughter who we met in RT...You're loads of fun!! *S*The best to you always...*S*..*HUGS*

Dilli..sweetie...You sure know how to have a good time..What a "good sport" you are..You're adorable..Thanks for being my drinking partner that weekend..*HUGS*

Tuesy...we met Tuesy in Boston when her name was Tuesday..She's the sweetest thing..and knows how to have a good time..How could you let me burn that guys jacket at the bar?? *HUGS*

BLUE!!!...*BIG SMOOOOOCHES*..Has the best smile on the net...maybe in RT...Keep smiling!! *GRIN* *HUGS*

PeterL...Sorry to ruin your reputation sweetie.... but you are one of the most wonderful people I have met on here..We have become such great friends in such a short time...I respect you so much..I can't wait to meet you in RT..*S*..*HUGS*

Cherub...Jason...you are one of the nicest and most considerate people that we have met...If all Aussies are as nice as you then it must be a wonderful country..*HUGS* & KISSES*.

Tempus...All the sheep had a look of relief on their faces when we told them you weren't coming.*LOL*...The wittest Aussie around..*S*..*HUGS*

Ray&Nicole..I hope you don't mind me putting you together.. but that's the way I always see you two...*S*.. Nicole...you are so sweet ..and Ray..you are the wittest man...It has been a pleasure getting to know you both..even if you are my cousin..*S*.. *HUGS*

Doc...My morning savior..trying to keep me in the tub with those hand-cuffs..the fur-lined ones of course...*LOL*...A man I have a lot of respect for..*HUGS*

AirMech...One of the most gentle men we've met....I made him my make-up man..he sure has a hard job ahead of him *LOL*..keep in touch..*HUGS*

Taurus...Another friend we met in Boston..Half of Thelma & Louise...Always has the lasso ready..A truely wonderful person..*HUGS*

**MASK**...?? *LOL*...Tommy...will we ever get to talk??*S*..I still have IT and I will NEVER give IT back..*LOL*...*HUGS*

Drunk...Jem,Rudolph,Frosty...Remember when all we ever did was talk in whispers..You've come a long way sweetie...What a great sport you are!!...*S* *HUGS*

LadyLightning...One of my drinking partners...when Maverick is around..You're a classy lady..Can't wait to meet you..*S*..*HUGS*

James & Annie...the ex-governor and First Lady...They have become good friends of ours..*HUGS* We miss you!!

Novacane...I have tons of fun talking with you..You have a great head on your shoulders..see you in the tub..And watch it BUD!!! *HUGS*

Claire...another person I love to talk to ..but hardly ever get a chance to..we just pass in the night...*HUGS*

Darius...the Nubby One...the only other person who may be able to steal luckyman away from me..*LMAO*...Hey..give me my BUTT SHIELD back!!*HUGS*

Sophia...the morning tub Queen...I can't believe you come up with some of the things you do first thing in the morning ...I'm so glad I met you...*HUGS*

cricket...My falling out of the tub partner...keep those anti-skid shorts handy...*SIGHING*... *HUGS*

~Stormy~...I'm close to finding my cabin boy..then we can run away to the beach..*LMAO* *HUGS*

§abby...One of the tub Regs with the BEST HP story around..*S*...*HUGS*

Diamond...you are so sweet.. you always have a kind word for everyone..*S**HUGS*

Jessica...The Angel of Music...can't wait for you to make me a wav...One of the first tubbers we met..*HUGS*

Red...The Welcomer..Hi Friend..*S*..you always make everyone feel so at ease.. *HUGS*

banshee...You are the funniest and most witty person on the net!!! A barrel of laughs... *HUGS*

Rascal...My whispering partner..hehehehe...we'll get them yet!!! You're a riot!! *HUGS*

Tony...An English Gentleman...afraid of luckyman...a good whispering buddy...*HUGS*

Ashlynn...Any friend of our cyber son is a friend of ours ... a very nice person ... and a real cutie ... *HUGS*

Belle...A new friend ... always has a smile on her face ... another cutie *HUGS* ...




Some of my newer friends that I am still getting to know..

Blade, Caress, Casey, Catrina, CONNMAN, dad1, Dapper Don, debbers, Dzer, lawless lady, leggy, MILLERMAN,monty's, nickname,Phoenixx, RacerX, Redhead, Romantic, sara, Sirendr,

if you think you have been excluded..it's not intentional..e-mail me and I will add you to my list..*S*

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