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The Mini

If you don't know what a Mini is, then where have you been for the last 35 odd years?? Specially for those minorities, here's a quick intro. The Mini is a small, two door saloon designed by Sir Alec Issigonis at the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1959. It featured many revolutionary engineering features for its time, including east-west engine orientation, front wheel drive, monocoque design and four wheel independent rubber suspension. As all of these features are common place in today's small cars, the Mini is regarded as the original small car. The Mini had quite a successful racing and rallying career during the 1960's. It pratically dominated the European rally circuit and won the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally three times. During the 1960's the Mini obtained cult status and was owned by the likes of Peter Sellers, Ringo Star, Enzo Ferrari, Britt Ekland, to name just a few. The Mini has been available at one time or another in nearly every country around the world and as such it has gained a world wide following. Last year the Mini celebrated 35 years of continuous production and is currently undergoing a revival in popularity.

My Mini

Follow this link to find out about me and my Mini. Hurrah!

Where I work

Take a flying trip to my Kit Cars Page

Jim's Art Gallery

View some of nicest pictures in my cyber Art Gallery

Some Cool Links!

Us friendly student types at the University of Kent like to have links to each others pages, so here's my list:

Matt lives next door to me and his page is well worth wisiting - just to see the background and hear the midi file...

Rob also lives next door to me (the other side) he is the *proud* writer of a UK Links page, so if you want a quick trip around Britain, call in. I'm just trying to persuade him to include a link to my page!

Mini Links

Also, here's a few Mini pages for all those Mini nuts out there like myself:

The Mini InterNet International homepage.

Rob's Mini Page. This is a good one.

More links coming soon - watch this space...

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