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Ron's Classic Chevy Truck Page

This Song Is Dedicated To My Ole Truck

My Ole Truck:

My little toy is a 1950 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup. I bought it already modified with a '70 Firebird front clip, Chevy 350, automatic tranny, power steering, and power brakes. The 4.11 rear end came from a '65 GTO. Things that I have done to the ole girl are listed down the page aways.

Exterior color is an emerald green but the whole truck will need to be repainted someday (long ways down the road) as it was not done very well.


Modern tubular shock absorbers replace the lever-action type shocks. Drivers side cowl vent handle is flat steel, not maroon knob as in previous years. Last year for the driver's side cowl vent. Headlight frames remain chrome plated brass. Wiper knob is chrome plated as well. Hood side emblem show the name Chevrolet and 3100 for the 1/2 ton.

Pictures Of My Ole Girl

A View From The Right Front
Click Here

A View From The Right Rear
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A View Of The Interior
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Things That I've Done:

Made sunvisors out of 1/2" oak.
Covered the new cardboard door panels with oak veneer.
Replaced the old seat with a bench out of Chevy S-10.
Made a seat riser out of 4 X 4 channel iron.
Glued in heat/noise insulation on cab roof, and entire floor and cowls. Upholstered the cardboard headliner with Tan headliner material.
Made a cover behind the seat(in front of gas tank) out of sheet metal and then covered it with the tan headliner material.
Installed 3 lap seat belts.
Installed dual cherry bombs.
Made side cowl panels out of sheet metal and covered them with oak veneer.
Installed a tan carpet from the top of the firewall to the rear of the cab.
Made door jam/carpet retainers out of 1/2" by 3" oak.
Had the guage cluster professionally rebuilt.
Had a black snap tonneau custom made and installed.
Had the S-10 bench seat redone in a tan cloth material
Rechromed and put on the rear bumper
Repainted the running boards gloss black

All the oak was stained in a light pecan and varnished in a satin polyurethane.

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A Beautiful Pencil Drawing Done By Richard Pate
(Courtesy of Pate's Pencil Pushin Page, Listed Above In My Cool Links)

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