Volkswagen in the Philippines 
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Volkswagens, particularly the Beetles are well cherished in the Philippines. They refer to this ubiquitous Beetle as the "Volks". It is part of the culture of the already aging original owners as well as the youngsters who inherited both the vehicle and the enthusiasm. It is heartening to see very young Filipinos driving well maintained VWs, older than most of them. They are the genuine enthusiasts who prefer this lovable cars over the contemporary cars available.

I am Wilfred T. Ruiz, a Volkswagen enthusiast. It is because of this enthusiasm that I created this homepage, to share with VW fans worldwide, information on VWs in this part of the world. I hope that you will find this page informative.

Please e-mail your queries or comments to:  --- for Volkswagens in general ---  for thhe Volkswagen Club of the Philippines (Attention Jun Jun Ruiz)

--- if you want to buy or sell a VW (any model or condition)

--- if you want to buy or sell correct Volkswagen parts & accessories

--- if you want referrals or advise on VW specialty repair shops or stores

--- if you are about to restore your Volkswagen but have no time to supervise the restoration & need someone to oversee a correct 100% restoration on your behalf

(Note: Jun Jun has the access to specialty shops and reference materials for a 100% ground up restoration job. He can save you money by avoiding back jobs and buying another set of parts because incorrect parts were passed-of as correct parts by non-VW experts. Contact him for details and extent of job he will be hired to do.)

--- If you are looking for a Volkswagen (Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Fastback, Kombi etc) to be used for a Movie, TV Show, Film or Video Commercial, Print Ads etc.

--- If you are planning to use Volkswagens in weddings, motorcades, campus shows, commercial shows etc.

(You may also contact Jun Jun through his e-mail address above. Mention that you read it at the Internet}

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I have not updated this section because at present, I am not active with the National Center (Manila). I am still a member of VWCP, my dues are up-to-date. I am still a Director, Trustee, and the Corporate Secretary of Volkswagen Club of the Philippines, Incorporated. (For the information of everybody: The Volkswagen Club of the Philippines, Incorporated has the authority over the Volkswagen Club of the Philippines National Center (Manila) officers & members and all Volkswagen Club Chapters officers and members.)

May 26, 2005

I am back. Expect this homepage to be updated again.


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