April 2005

Wow this month has felt so full, it's amazing...
Anyway here's the deal. I saw my old haiti web pages and was horrified...
I'm sorry! There was such a snafu over web space and bandwidth that i crunched the
pictures down to nothing but digital artifacts. For the sake of Art and all else
that is holy I have removed them. I redid the gonaives ones so they're a Bit better
I've also yanked off some other stuff. A few pictures may find their way into the old favorites
section, that's probably the Only part of this site that will remain.
I'm working on a portfolio that will hopefully be online eventually that will
likely replace this, and to keep up with my life/day to day pictures please head over to MySpace
If there's anything you want me to save or want to see...let me know, otherwise this lovely ad-laden
site is going the way of the buffalo.


I'm thinking about letting this website slide...so, head on over to MySpace
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I went digging through my haiti pictures, and found a few I never posted.

I wonder if they've dug out yet.

can life get more surreal? driving up in the clouds, on the border
of heaven and earth, kids emerging from the mist carrying stuff on their heads -
straight out of another time

Does she know she lives in a beautiful place?
I hope she does.
There's an amazing curiosity in her face...
I hope she stays on top of that mountain and never goes down
to the crime filled city.
Never scrapes enough money together to flee to america
where she'll finally be able to 'afford' all her dreams,
and then realize she'd run away from paradise.

A windblown flash from the past :)

I'm going to eat here sometime soon. I have a weird draw towards
restaurants with 'restaurant' in the title.

Behind me the sky was clear, the storm was rolling in.
I love the energy in the air, the foreboding...
A single ray pierced the clouds
I wish you could have shared the moment with me

Not a great picture, doesn't do Darci justice, but I was enamored with
the pink shadow on her shoulder

Cafe Coco Table

Sky in triplicate.

Nashville Skyline in a bridge frame.

I love Enoch

Check out that flavor!

It's summertime, time to shave the hair off.
Here's Noah looking all New Wave and hot.

Kevin and Enoch have been cleaning house, it's...all, clean and stuff:

Driving accross the I-65 bridge in Louisville i saw an amazing sunset.
The sun was going down right in line with the river, sending colors shooting accross the water
There were jet streams in the sky...bridges with golden light and colors all in a row
seeping through...I coudln't get my camera out in time, and spun off into loisville trying to catch the moment
I ended up just kinda getting a slice of it from the side...and getting majorly lost
But...it was an amazing moment!

My hand was causing me to stumble so i cut it off and buried it in a pine box

actually my friend Jen was doing an art project and casted in in plaster...
here's my arm bespeckled with plaster and coated in vasoline and clay! yeah

Erin's cat. (amber had me over to see a movie yeah!! amber and mike are super awesome to me)

enoch and I went for an amazing drive today...i hope you'll come visit me so
we can head out here...

I think these are dogwood trees, I think Thea told me that but...i wasn't
listening aparently so, someone help me!
anyway, point is, these are along the road to nashville for at least a hundred miles
and...I'm thrilled I got to see this...
The color, the temporary beauty, it's just breathtaking, I had to stop on the side
of the highway and take some pictures. I guess it's just a simple thing, but
it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

doing the dishes

Take a second look, at noah's amazing extendo arm.


Carolina Panorama (warning this is a huge file!)

Spring - A photo and word essay thingy

Driving back to nashville with Spencer in the spring...
Both in love (take that how you want to lol) ... windows down, music playing
and amazing splahes of green and lavender...photo's taken at 80 mph

Looking out the peephole at my house in Anderson

Thornton Played in Ft. Wayne...This place was Green...(this picture
was for anne she likes green)

Ft. Wayne and the club floor

Kevin Playing Guitar

The staff at Hoop City..mins Todd, Spencer and Sarah, boo!
This was the coolest group of people i've worked with...ever.

Cello, Hammock Chain

Nashville Sunset over the school


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Please go here It's a new non-prof. organization
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