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Lighthouse of Prayer
Celibacy Forum and

Thoughts for the DAY

Updated 7-4-00
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Page updated on 12-26-03

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Celibacy Forum and MORE
Discussing the meaning of being celibate
Risks of Legal Abortion
Problems with informed consent, unsafe clinics, complications
Vow of Nonviolence
can you take the vow?
E nneagram
At one time an ancient moslem tool to help people come to know God
Christian Links- bible search
Ever growing list of sites I like and have used
Nut rition,health,herbs etc.Links
ever growing and will have 20 more to add.Too many sites, too little time
Cartoon of the day
Web tools- free
VIEW Guestbook
SIGN Guestbook
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Post a Message in My 
View ARCHIVED Guestbooks
Can Order books direct from amazon.
Poetry on Integrated Christian Sexuality
Safe for all ages :^)
Celibacy Quotes from others
Problems With EVOLUTION
Evolution ,as taught and researched, has no allowance for diety.If you think God used evolution to creat ,then you believe in a different theory than what is taught in school.
Y2K Info and Links
No reason to panic. Just prepare and remember that God is in Control
Carol's Closet of Thoughts
Jokes, art, photos of Erie, fun tricks, links, poems, stories, voice activation fun,articles for singles,links
Personal page at Talk City
Suits University Adventure
List of MIDI links
and netradio ,near bottom of links.PlusMy Favorites
Fun for Webbers
in the middle of the page
My View on Homosexuality-break the addiction and be transformed ( )
Favorite Stand To Reason Commentaries
Discussing issues dear to my apologetic heart

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What does

Abstinence for life
Abstinence for a period of time of years
Abstinence for shorter times
Abstinence including no masterbation
Abstinence with no looking for partner

Current Results

Listen To the Bible ON-line

Freedom Under Fire

Persecuted Church

WCTL Radio and Y2K Erie

Take the Bible Challenge

Answers to Gay Myths

The Prayer That Made the Liberals ROAR

New Biology Argument Against Evolution

My Favorite XXX Site

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Matt. 19:10-12
1 Cor. 7:1,2,7-9,25,26,32-40
1 Cor. 9:5
1 Tim. 4:1-3
Rev. 14:1,4 with vs. 2-5.

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