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The BRITISH Connection is a local club for BRITISH women in St Louis, Missouri, whose aim is to promote a social network offering support and friendship.

We are open to all people of BRITISH ancestry, going no further back than the third generation. So, if your granny (or your grandpa) was British, feel free to come along. Also, if your husband (or partner) is BRITISH, you are welcome to join.

We meet a couple of times every month and have many social events, where husbands/partners are welcome

This website is in the process of being abandoned in favor a new site. Please put it in your browser as no more new stuff will be added to this site. Our new 'home' is:

St Louis British Connection

As that new site develops, it may also replace the following

British on My Space

which was set up to accomodate greater storage to display uploaded photos and videos.

For suggestions and further information, e-mail us.