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We moved from the Boston, Massachusetts area in May of 1999 and in June 2004, moved into a new home in Ridgeland SC.

The 'Family'

The Family: Aldo Ray and Tsu.

(Tsu passed away on August 9, 2006. She was 14 years old.)


The Daddy of the House


c. 1890's


his son, Aldo

in Boston 1999

at home 2003

Bluffton 2003

Bluffton 2004

2000 - Driving in the St. Patrick's Day Parade

More pictures of Dad ...

checking out the computer

in the diner, Lowell MA

in front of the Ramrod, Boston

Santa wants to know:

have you have been good.

from a fudge shop ad in Myrtle Beach SC

Past President of dreizehn a Boston SM fraternity

from the ranch

You want me to do what?

Boston MA


May 1999 - a 'Going Away Party' at the Paradise Bar in Cambridge MA

Dave, Aldo, Ray, Bob

Mike from PA visits in 2004

another 'facet'




 Matt & Ray clown around

relaxing at home

a pub in Lowell MA




a pub in Dublin, Ireland

in Provincetown MA

Tsu: "I didn't do anything."

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